Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tarts at White Rock Local Market Sept. 12

Our Mission

White Rock Local Market aims to promote regional, sustainable agriculture and ensure a supply of fresh, local produce and artisan foods for residents of east Dallas. White Rock Local Market supports local farmers, food producers and craftsman, providing an opportunity to sell fruit, vegetables and other products directly to our community. Our mission is to offer an alternative to conventional shops with products that are high quality, aesthetic, and useful.

And we hope to enable the growth of our communities by creating a place where people can shop and socialize in a friendly environment.

Our Story

Stocking up on locally grown produce and natural foods is about to get easier for residents of East Dallas. The White Rock Local Market will be held in the parking lot next to the Green Spot on the second Saturday of every month from June 13 to November 14, 2009.

The market features artisan foods, local produce and natural meat and dairy products, as well as vendors offering an assortment of art, furniture, locally made clothes, music and more.

"We know there are several markets opening this year, but none serving this active neighborhood," says Bruce Bagelman, owner of the Green Spot and one of the organizers of the White Rock market. "But we'd really like to provide what people in this community need – and at the same time offer a great venue for local vendors."

Bagelman opened the Green Spot Market and Fuels in 2008, combining the convenience/ gas station concept with the notion that consumers prefer healthy snacks and treats. He quickly saw a demand for fresh local produce and other goods. He started by carrying some produce in his store – and the idea to expand into a local market began to take shape. When some neighbors approached Bagelman about a farmers market, he was ready.

White Rock Local Market – at the intersection of Buckner Boulevard and Northcliff Drive – promises to have a baker, butcher, dairy man, and farmer, in addition to a jeweler, dressmaker, and florist, all artisans you might actually need on a regular Saturday of shopping – plus a little extra.

"Local food, local goods and local friends are what makes our community special," says Bagelman. "Our market will no doubt be a success. After all, ours is the best neighborhood in Dallas!"

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