Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Age Gardening

So, I have really been trying gardening this summer and let me tell you, it's going decent at best. I talk (maybe even sing a little), compost, water, and even fertilize with bat gauno but still my bumper crop is out of reach. Well, with this little ditty maybe it would take the guess work out of what to plant. And then maybe I would be up to my ears in veggies (maybe).

If you’re not the super handy dandy green thumb type? A new tool out promises to help you.

You want to start a veggie garden, but you want to make sure you plant the right veggies for your climate and soil conditions. You also want an easy and fast way to do this. Cool. Then you will be delighted to learn of Easy Bloom, an environmental sensor.

easy bloom tool

image via Like Cool

This is not your mom and dads gardening. This is high tech awesome stuff for sure, but its not complicated at all. Essentially Easy Bloom is a tool for those who want to create a wonderfully eco friendly garden. Because when you pick the best plants according to your climate, less waster is used – less care is used, etc.

The $40 to $60 device analyzes sunlight, temperature, humidity, and soil drainage. Simply stick it in the soil for one day, then plug it into your computer’s USB jack and behold the breadth of the gardening guru’s wisdom. Matching the data from the soil to the EasyBloom’s library of plants, it suggests the best vegetables, herbs, trees, shrubs and flowers suited for your garden.

I am so loving this idea and product, as I’m not the best green thumb out there. What could be better than to literally stick a tool in the ground, then stick it in your PC, and voila! a list of the appropriate veggies for your area and soil are given to you. Very useful indeed.

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