Monday, June 22, 2009

Urban Farming Looks so Cool

So, in the Dallas, TX area the new fad is Urban Farming (keeping your own chickens and goats in the city limits). I myself grew up an urban farm and never realized it until recently. We had 12 acres in town (about one whole block) with a blackberry patch, cows, horses, honey bees, 3 orchards and a huge garden. We also had a windmill so we never paid a water bill. It really made me appreciate how things are grown, not to waste, and the value of knowing what goes into one's food.
After a year of composting and gardening I have been thinking of raising my own chickens. Once I found this it's on. Now the set up is a little pricey but organic eggs are totally worth it. My kids and I have decided to save our pennies for chickens.
Check this out:
Chicks Dig It
Eglu Modern Chicken Coop
rule the roost!

They say you shouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch.

But bet on enjoying your own incredible, edible eggs with help from Omlet, whose new Eglu Cube makes it possible for city dwellers to own chickens.

Depending on your outdoor space, you can opt for a six-foot (for six chicks) or nine-foot (for up to ten) run. You’ll need to clean the roost once a week, but it’s easy with slide-out dropping trays and plastic surfaces you can hose down.

The party fowls will be warm in winter and cool in summer thanks to twin-walled insulation. The steel weldmesh run keeps out pesky rodents, and a skirt lies on the ground to prevent foxes and other predators from digging their way in.

Three hens can lay their goods in the secluded nesting booth, and an egg port makes collecting easy.

So you won’t have to scramble.

Available online at

Hens in your backyard and fresh eggs every morning!
If you have been thinking about keeping a couple of chickens for a while but just didn’t know where to start, or you have a small flock of faithful hens who you would like to reward with a new house then Omlet can help!

Using the experience of thousands of delighted customers we have developed the eglu and our personal service to offer you a truly innovative, practical and fun way of keeping chickens. Collecting fresh eggs from hens in your backyard not only ensures you get fantastic tasting eggs but you also get a good feeling inside from knowing exactly where your food comes from.

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