Monday, June 29, 2009

Super Cool Dumpster Diving

Haul Pass
Ref-use Recycled Home Furnishings
reuse it!

You carry a heavy load.

But nothing like the guys behind Ref-use home furnishings.

The Austin-based duo hawks over dumpsters to collect plywood waste destined for landfills from obliging cabinet and woodworking shops. Then they haul the scraps to their milling warehouse, where they sand and shape them into modern tables, chairs, and shelves.

The look is super basic (no curvy legs or fanciful accents), as are the finishes: four stains (i.e., smoky gray, dirty brown) and ten paint colors (bright orange and purple to dark blue and earthy green). All paints and clear coats are nontoxic and formaldehyde free.

Get a load of that.

Available at Dh Collection, 3320 West 7th Street, Fort Worth (817-877-1994). To see styles, go to Map It

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