Monday, April 13, 2009

Kudos Kelly Repa Gettin Green

Spring Greening

You tried planting a garden for Earth Day, but all your green thumb produced was a whole lot of grass stains (and no budding foliage to show for it).

This year, clean up your act with Electrolux’s new Kelly (as in Ripa) Green washer and dryer.

The limited-edition shade, an upbeat green that packs a visual punch, hints at the machines’ abundant ecofriendliness: Electrolux washers use up to 83 percent less energy¹ and 56 percent less water² than your old-school model, with an optional ecofriendly cycle that slashes energy usage by 43 percent.

And don’t abandon that garden yet. For every virtual flower you plant at, the company will donate $1 to Global Green USA to support green schools initiatives across America.

Plus, you’ll automatically be entered to win a Kelly Green front-load washer and dryer.

One hand washes the other.

For more information and to plant a virtual flower, go to

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Kendra said...

Enjoyed your blog!!!! GO GREEEEN!~