Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Pin Show

So I am just now coming down from cloud nine after doing The Pin Show. For those of you who don't know Pin Show was held July 10 at The Door and was Dallas' premier fashion show. Designers submitted application and were accepted based on design. Each designer submitted 6 looks for the runway. As I have never done anything of this sort I about vomited the night of the event I was so nervous. My son was also in the event as a model (yes, we our the power mother son duo) and he was to adorable for words.
I can't say enough awesome things about the show but here it goes: the staff and everyone involved were so patient, nice and organized. The stage was way cool, the music was so freakin cool I wanted to bust the "Robot" several times, and the place was packed. It took most people 40 minutes to get in the door and there was a line around the block. There were a lot of very important people there with their sunglasses on so you know it was fabulous. To see so many amazing designers in one place just put me in awe. Dallas has freakin talent out the ass and people need to know that!
From the show I got a interest from a stylist working at Krave magazine and a photo shoot with House of Dang for Oligiville (which will launch in November).
For designers I cannot recommend this show enough. It took me out of my comfort zone and I created so many new things. It also is the first time that I can say with real integrity that I am a "designer". If you are not a designer but want to go to a great party with great music, drinks, vibe and fashion I highly recommend the next Pin Show (they are planning on doing them twice a year).
Kudos to you Pin Show, kudos.

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